Week 1: Intro

The first task of the semester was to photograph the city, through our own selective views. As we did our walk around the block, of which AUT stood upon, I struck by how mundane the city was. With everything in varying shades of grey, there was no vibrancy. It was only when I was looking through my photos afterwards, that I had realised there was, in fact, some liveliness to the streets. Coloured in yellows, oranges and reds were construction signs, crossing instructions, and safety markings.

Scattered through the city, these colours are crucial to the safety of it’s visitors, but they have become part of this grey society that are have lost sensitivity to. Although still bold, these colours have blended into it’s landscape, such that we see them intuitively.

Colour Blocking; 19-July-17
Media: Acrylic Paint, Photography, Digital Programs (Photoshop)

In a class discussion, it was theorized that if the city was brightly coloured, while the signs and construction were shades of grey, the contrast would bring about the same atmosphere of insensitively. Perhaps, though, it wouldn’t be as mundane.

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