Week 3: Inspired Designs

This week, the task was to select an artist from a list of names and study them, then produce 10 models and 10 drawings using the artist models work as a reference or inspiration. I chose Wolfgang Laib, a conceptual artist, born in 1950. He is well-known for his use of natural, raw materials, such as pollen he had sifted for an installation. I tried to create models made from raw materials, or materials he had previously used.


10 Models, 10 Drawings; 3-August-17
Media: Wax, plaster, resin, rice, milk powder, lemon, curry powder, “flowers”, tracing paper, pastel

I was quite content with the end results of my models as I found them aesthetically pleasing, but I found flaws I definitely could have improved. As always, some of my more well-liked ones were the mistakes, but some of the planned ones — especially the resin models — proved to be a bit toxic. Regardless, they were still my favourite.

10 Models, 10 Drawings; 3-August-17
Media: Pastel, acrylic paint, PVA glue, wax, rice

These drawings are abstract compositions based off the form and colours of my models.

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