Week 4: Wallpapers

This week started with an introduction to textiles, in which we learned how to print upon them and how knitting and felting can be manufactured for efficiency. We then went on to think about patterns for wallpapers or window coverings for the apartment we’ll later be designing.

Wallpaper concepts:

My chosen wallpapers took inspiration from Wolfgang Laib, from his way of designing things in an uncomplicated and clean manner. Repetition and alignment heavily contribute towards the first four pieces, whereas a more ‘pure’ approach was used in the last two. My wallpapers echo my models in their simplicity, keeping to two or three elements, and using a similar colour palette. The colours imitate Laibs, in terms of solid colours with tones of dullness, complementing the apartment, as it is quite dull but colourless; brighter, bolder colours could create a sense of gaudiness. The compositions of the first four concepts are linear, all following a pattern of sorts, and slightly more randomised in areas in the fourth. The concepts can change size to be more proportional to the room, but I think it’s current size suits the secondary bedroom, as it is quite a small room. Paired with an opaque curtain, sufficient light will enter the room and hit the wallpaper with a translucent soft glow, especially in the mornings, composing the perfect tones.

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