Week 4: Peer Review

Today we were to walk around the room and select about nine people’s work to constructively criticise, as nine people in turn reviewed our work. I found this exercise intensive to do, but extremely helpful in finding out how to better improve my statement of intent, as well as choose my final wallpaper and even whether to do a wallpaper or window covering. The review questions were focused on our statements of intent, essentially asking why it was good or bad, and how it could have been improved. Generally, the feedback of my statement was quite positive, but could still use improvement. The final question, asking reviewers to rank our concepts, was the most helpful, in which the results are shown below. The results are taken from the data and collated as if each top choice got 6 points, each second-top choice got 5 points, last choice receiving 1 point, etc.



From the data, the 5th, 2nd and 6th concepts were the most popular, while the 4th wasn’t at all. I personally liked the 5th and 6th concepts as I thought they suited wallpapers more, while concepts 1-4 would have to be scaled well, or would otherwise be quite overwhelming to view. This assisted me in deciding to use concept 6 as my wallpaper to develop further, as it had a warmness and glow that concept 5 couldn’t express through it’s simplicity. Below shows my developed wallpaper to fit a full drop:


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