Week 5: Silent Critique


Silent Critique:

All the work above was to be displayed for today’s exercise, in which we had a silent critique. We were to walk around the room with post-it notes, writing constructive comments on others work, as they did for us. This exercise was extremely helpful in improving my presentations, as there were things I didn’t consider as important, while others did. The main things commented on were the things I didn’t realise were a problem until I had printed out my presentation 1:1, as it had looked fine on my screen, including having much-too-large text, the scale of renders being too small, and connections between processes being unclear. All changes needed were minor details but all took away from the presentation.


A lot of the overall feedback either wasn’t very constructive, as people seemed to sugarcoat their opinions, or was all things I had already realised, but the feedback that I found to be very helpful is displayed above. I used this peer review to correct the parts of my presentation board that I wasn’t satisfied with and was finally able to present my work in a way that I was happy with.

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