Week 6: Mid-Sem Crit


My final presentation, as shown above, became something I was quite happy with. Although my wallpaper had turned out more dull than I had imagined, I was overall satisfied with the work I had done towards my final outcome. The feedback given by the critics seemed generally good, as well as extremely helpful in that they offered advice on how to better improve the parts I was unsatisfied with. Although I had decided that I wanted to change my wallpaper into a window textile, as it would have better accentuated the natural sunlight entering the room. The critics, however, implored me to improve my wallpaper design so that it either didn’t have a pattern repeat by increasing scale, or kept it’s delicate, subtle nature without the harsh strips of colour. They generally seemed to want to see more tests to figure out what could or couldn’t work in terms of scale. Moving further, I would either want to test the scale to somehow come up with a gradient wallpaper where a pattern repeat isn’t necessary, or convert the pattern into a window textile.

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