Week 7: Door Handles

After the break, we started off the second half of this semester with a door handle exercise. We were to make four door handle concepts with the intention of these handles to be the entry-way to the apartment. These door handles were important in being one’s first impression of the apartment, in that they either welcomed a person in successfully, or they did not. Below are my door handle designs:

Door Handles; 19-September-17
Media: Acrylic [clear and frosted], pastel, PVA, resin, lemon

Acrylic was the main article in my designs, as I focused on the idea of impermanence. Through previous research, I found that Wolfgang Laib placed weight on impermanence, as his installations were often only temporary. I experimented with visibility of a material, in which acrylic worked perfectly. Through a fortunate incident, I found myself with some frosted acrylic, which added extra depth, building a transition from solidity to haziness to clarity. The only colour came from the shavings of yellow pastel, and the lemon peels from within the resin. These two things, with such high concentrations of yellow brilliance almost made it seem as if the absolute clearness was erupting with bursts of colour. I envision these door handles to be easily missed, but to give off a sheen in the sunlight, catching the eye of a curious passerby. Below are my sketches of the door handles:

I chose the powdered door handle as my final handle, as it eluded to the journey that lay behind the door, leaving a trace on both a person’s hands and mind.

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