Week 7: Tiles

Tiled surfaces create a different atmosphere to a space, that a wallpaper could not produce. They are generally used in bathrooms and kitchen, as splashbacks, in areas of water usage. Tiles are typically ceramic with a protective glazing, but can be made from stone, concrete, or glass too. The following are my tile concepts:

My tiles aimed to create a smooth transition through my colour palette, the three colours chosen for their toned-down hues. The pastel colouration gave the effect of a light sunrise glow, playing with the idea of solidity and impermanence. While the first and fifth concepts pattern repeat from one tile, all the other concepts work in sets of 3×3 tiles, as certain tiles in the set will have anomalies. This is inspired by Laib’s work, in that he often lays out repeating piles of powder, while there is a single pile differing in often an obvious way. The third, fourth and sixth concepts explore coloured grout, allowing each tile in their respective sets to blend into each other. The tile scheme will mainly be located in the bathroom, in which there is only one window, denying much natural sunlight from entering. The tiles will each be 200x200mm, so as not to overwhelm the viewer’s senses with colour. Due to the colour palette of my tiles, the tiles will brighten up the room, especially as the bathroom is typically the room that more time is spent in to start off your day. There will also be a three rows of tiling along a kitchen walls, each tile being 100x100mm, adding a subtle cheerfulness to the room.

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