Week 8: Stairwell Testing

In experimenting with my stairwell model, I wanted to encapsulate the ideas of impermanence, as Laib exhibitions are rarely permanent. After sketching out several ideas, I came to the resolve of which I wanted an experience that left a trace. I did this by giving the stairwell marbled surfaces, and leaving a powdered rug in the entrance. Upon entry, people are to step on the rug and proceed through towards the apartment, with powder on their shoes. This powder is wiped away daily, each day starting anew with fresh clean surfaces. The experience is something that stays only in your mind, with the only physical reminder being the remaining powder on your shoes.

Above: Before and After of the Powder Process.  After some time, the powder gets more spread around the stairwell in less concentrated patches, purely from the way people walk.

Above: Photos looking down (left) and looking up (right) the staircase.

Next, I tested different window coverings, experimenting with material rather than colour. These samples showed lovely shadows against the stairwell, as shown below.

I’d like to use frosted coloured glass in the stairwell, but the window coverings in the apartment. The overall stairwell should look as in the render below:


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