Week 9: Room Concepts

Concept 1:


Taking inspiration from Wolfgang Laib, I designed the apartment around the idea of the precision and concentration of something. While the apartment won’t have any interior walls, the room will be filled with tiny dots that subtly dictate where to go, in which a path made out of dots indicates where to walk. The balcony area will become a milk-coloured pool, while streaks of dripping colour run off the side of the balcony, onto the exterior of the building. The rest of the apartment will have white walls and light grey concrete floors, the only colours being displayed in the furniture and dripping down the balcony exterior walls.

Concept 2:


Inspired by Laib’s Milkstone, this concept explores the experience of a gallery space, the oddness of the floor creating an environment in which the user has to slow down and trek more carefully. The floors will have a milky surface, a thin layer of liquid, that will pool wherever you step. The raised platforms, with the rooms, as well as the balcony, will be carpeted so that users may try to avoid getting the milky substance on the carpet. This will slow down any process, as they move through the apartment, and users will be forced to think about every action much more attentively.

Concept 3:


This apartment concept is a blend of hues and the powdered glass walls. The floors are coloured concrete, while the walls are glass, but partly covered in coloured powders. The colours of each room are pairs of complementary colours, each room being the colour connotated by it’s use. For example, the bathroom is often connotated as a blue, so the floor is a gradient of blues, while the walls are covered in orange. The powdered walls are in the same style as the door handle, the first point of entry into the apartment. The difference, however, is that the powder doesn’t come off the glass walls when touched.

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